Not only are there a seemingly endless array of wedding dress styles, cuts and fits, but something else you need to keep in mind is the material your dress will be made from. The fabric will change how the dress flows and feel on your body, so it’s an important factor to keep in mind when dress shopping. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the different fabrics you have to choose from.


A thicker and stiffer fabric than many of the other dress materials on this list, brocade is best used for fall and winter wedding dresses. Made from either silk or synthetic fibres, brocade is woven with raised Jacquard designs and is often used for more structured gowns. It’s the perfect choice for elegantly themed weddings.


A lightweight material, charmeuse was named after the French word “charmeur,” which means ‘charming.’ Charmeuse feels very similar to satin against the skin, and it looks nearly identical as well. With a glossy shine on the outside and a matte finish on the inside, charmeuse gowns are typically found in flowy dresses with empire waistlines.


This is probably a familiar material, as chiffon is one of the most popular wedding dress fabrics. Transparent and weightless, chiffon is often used for veils, on sleeves or as skirts. It’s typically used in combination with other fabrics, especially when it’s needed to add volume to a gown’s train. However, chiffon can be easily torn or snagged on its own, which is why it needs a protective layer to prevent fraying.


A tried-and-true classic, lace gowns are very delicate and incredibly detailed. Rarely used on its own without the support of additional material, it’s important to inspect both the lace detailing as well as the secondary material beneath. If that supporting fabric is too delicate, then your dress could easily be ripped or otherwise damaged.


A close relative to chiffon, organza is a full and gorgeous material that has a personality of its own. While sheer, organza is also stiff and depending on the dress design, it can resemble tulle in some cases. Used to make couture bridal gowns, this material is ideal for overlays, overskirts and detailing, as it adds structure without being bulky.


An easily recognizable material, taffeta is an extremely luxurious fabric that’s commonly known for the rustling sound it makes. It’s made from both silk and synthetic fibres, allowing for the perfect combination of structure and softness. It’s a shiny fabric that’s ideal for A-line gowns as well as form-fitting ones.

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