With your big day coming up, and so much left to do, the flower girl and her dress are things that can get easily forgotten. They may seem like simple things that can be easily organized closer to the date, but there is a lot more planning that goes into having a flower girl than you might realize. Here is a guide with tips and tricks to ensure your little one is prepared for your big day.
What is the flower girl’s role?
The job of a flower girl is to walk down the aisle scattering flower petals before the bride comes out. She is not a bridesmaid but is a part of the wedding party.

Who can be the flower girl?
The title is awarded to a young girl who is close to either the bride or the groom. She could be the daughter or niece of the couple or a family friend. Her role is not meant to be complicated, but that does not make it any less important. Besides the bride, the flower girl will capture the hearts and smiles of everybody at the ceremony.

When does the flower girl walk?
She can walk down the aisle with her partner, who is the ring bearer or page boy, or directly after him. The flower girl helps kick off the ceremony.

What should the flower girl wear?
The flower girl typically wears a white or ivory dress that resembles the bride’s dress. A coloured dress can also work if it is in the wedding colour palette, such as the bridesmaid’s dress colour. Just be sure the dress compliments the tone of the flowers the flower girl tosses.

How old is the flower girl?
The rule of thumb is that your flower girl should be between the ages of three to 10 years old. If there is a young lady you want to be a part of your bridal party who is older than 10, consider making her a junior bridesmaid. It will be a much more fitting role for her, and she can enjoy the experience of being a part of your wedding without taking on as many responsibilities as your main bridesmaids.

Here are some ideas for flower girls of different ages:
If your flower girl can barely walk yet, make sure someone is with her to hold her hand or carry her down the aisle. Consider having the flower girl’s mother or the ring bearer pull her in a wagon adorned with flowers or balloons.
Two to Three Years Old
These girls can walk themselves down the aisle but might need a lot of encouragement. Have someone walk with them or standing at the end of the aisle cheering them to step forward.
Four to Five Years Old
These ages are probably some of the safest choices as she can walk down the aisle with little help from others. She can toss flower pedals with ease, and you can worry less about tantrums.
Six to 10 Years Old
At this age range, your flower girl will be able to follow instructions better and be less temperamental. There is no guarantee when it comes to the maturity of maturity kids under the age of 10, so use your best judgment when picking your flower girl.

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