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Your wedding day is the most spectacular and extraordinary day of your life! You need to complement it with spectacular jewelery to feel as extraordinary. Every little accessory that brings out your bridal dress will be noticed by everyone around you. The photos will be immortalized in your albums at home and on social media. Make sure you put a good deal of thought behind your choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pick the dress before the jewelery: Before you trot off to look at tiaras, consider your wedding dress first. Every accessory depends on the shade, style, and fitting of your dress. Traditional jewelery will complement a classic dress. An off-shoulder, modern fitting may require a more contemporary piece. If you have a theme, take the idea to your jewelery too. Once the dress is certain, the rest will follow.

Keep it simple: Remember, less is more. The pieces should make you dazzle. Balance the look if you mix and match. If you choose a heavy necklace, go easy on the earrings. If you have heavy earrings, wear an elegant necklace. If you adorn every body part with a piece of jewelery, you may end up feeling weighed down and heavy. Be balanced. Be beautiful.

Match the colours to the dress: If your dress is off-white, never wear snow-white stones. Contrasting coloured gems and embellishments or creamy off-white pearls will match better. If your dress is embedded with silver embellishment, make sure your jewelery is set in silver, white gold or platinum too; not yellow gold. Rose gold goes well with most shades.

Sparkle for your hair: To complete the princess look that many women dream of, you may want to consider a tiara. If you think they are out of fashion, how about a comb, flower crown or beautiful hair clips. Fine, straight hair looks divine in elegant accessories. Heavy or curly hair is best complemented by bigger accessories.

Long-lasting jewelery: Remember that you will wear your wedding dress just once but you can wear your jewelery all your life. Choose good quality pieces and gemstones that you can wear again and again. Jewelery will never lose its worth so don’t hesitate to invest generously. A set of high value can one day become an heirloom piece for the next generation. Pay special attention to the necklace to enhance the neckline of your dress. If you wear a high necked outfit, drop the necklace, and focus on the earrings instead. For halter dresses, you can skip the necklace and choose a thin chain with a pretty pendant or focus on your headpiece.

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Belo Fashion in Toronto is a one-stop shop that brings you the best in classic and contemporary designs. We have a wide selection of headpieces, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and tiaras. You can shop at our online store and visit with friends. We also have an extensive collection of gowns, dresses, and ornaments, not just for brides but for women to celebrate every milestone in their life. Book an appointment for help in picking out the perfect wedding dress and jewelery.


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