Everyone wants to look their best at the prom, and part of looking good is having a prom dress that compliments your features, including your skin tone. Picking the right colour can do wonders for your appearance. To help you pick the right dress colour for your skin tone, here are a few things you should consider.
Darker Skin Tones
If you’re looking for a stunning prom dress colour, then look towards brighter jewel tones, specifically ruby or amethyst, and pastels, as they’ll make your complexion pop. Going for metallics like gold and copper will also make you stand out. To prevent your skin from looking dull, avoid wearing brown and black. Colours like gray, silver and blue should be avoided as well for the same reason.
Medium Skin Tones
Jewel tones like emerald and turquoise do well to compliment medium skin tones, as it brings out the warmer undertones. You can also wear ruby, amethyst and sapphire jewel colours as well. To keep your skin looking bright, avoid shades of beige, brown and orange. It’s best to stay away from pastels as well, as they’ll bring our gray undertones within your complexion.
Olive Skin Tones
When you have an olive skin tone, you able to pull off pretty much any colour you want. If you want the best colour contrast, lean towards bright pinks and corals. The subtle hint of red in your skin will be amplified by the pink tones. On the other hand, if you want to bring out the brown tones in your skin, then look at wearing any shade of green that appeals to you. You also can’t go wrong with choosing a vibrant red or orange dress. Avoid neutral colours like beige and tan, as they’ll make your skin look dull and lacklustre.
Lighter Skin Tones
If your fairer skin has warm undertones of red or yellow, then you might want to consider going for a prom dress that has earthy tones, like browns or greens. Neutrals colours can also look beautiful, specifically shades of beige, navy or gray. It’s best to avoid brighter colours, especially neons, as they’ll wash out your skin tone. Black and white dresses can also be too harsh for your complexion. Does your skin have cooler undertones of blue and purple? Then go for shades of red, pink or peach. Avoid dresses that are pale shades of yellow and purple, as well as metallics, as they’ll wash you out.

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