There are no cuter members of a bridal party than the flower girl and the ring bearer. Flower girls are often so excited to fulfil their duties, starting the procession down the aisle and decorating it with flower petals. When they make their entrance, their dress is the first one that everyone sees. There are many things to consider when you are selecting your flower girl’s dress. Here are five factors that will help you narrow down your decision.


No matter what you want a flower girl to wear, the dress needs to match the season. Go with short sleeve and sandal options in warmer weather, and remember tights and closed toed shoes if you’re having a winter wedding. You don’t want your flower girl to overheat or end up freezing cold before the ceremony is over.


Traditionally, flower girls are dressed in white or ivory dresses, often in a colour similar to the bride. This ties them to the wedding aesthetic and creates unity. If you want to go against the grain though, then consider dressing your flower girl in the same colour as the bride’s maids. This visually connects her to the wedding party and for some flower girls makes them feel grown up. If you are unsure what colour dress you want your flower girl to wear, or you do not have a preference, it is always nice to ask the flower girl what she wants!


If you are buying the flower girl dress awhile away from the wedding, then you may want to consider getting it in a larger size just in case she has a growth spurt before your big day. If she doesn’t fit the dress, then the dress can always be tailored to fit, but you don’t want to end up with a too small dress the day before the flower girl has to wear it.


While you can make your bridesmaids and maid of honour wear fabrics that are heavy and stiff (and maybe a bit itchy) you should be considerate of what a flower girl wears. You don’t want a flower girl to be uncomfortable and unhappy on your big day, so stick with something comfortable for her. Fabrics that wrinkle and rip easily should be avoided as well.


Depending on the age of your flower girl, you should go with one of two lengths. For little flower girls, tea length dresses are best. They will not trip over the dress or drag it on the ground getting it dirty. For older flower girls, a floor-length dress will make them look much more mature, something that will most likely make them feel much more comfortable. If you are getting married in the middle of summer, and all of your bridesmaids are wearing shorter dresses, then having the flower girl match in a tea length dress is always acceptable.

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