Maxi dresses are some of the most comfortable things to wear. Most women wear them during the hotter days of the year but if you’re at home and are cranking the heat, there’s no reason to believe you can’t rock it. Now, the real problem isn’t what season to wear it, but rather how shorter women are able to pull off wearing such long dresses. Well obviously, you’d take it to a tailor but sometimes, the material can be so delicate that you need someone who really knows what they’re doing. Here’s how to rock that maxi dress prouder than you ever knew you could!

Go Chromatic or Solid

Generally speaking, solid coloured maxi dresses will make you seem taller and thus, slimmer. If you’re a plus-size petite, dark, solid colours are more intriguing. However, if you’re small, tiny, and petite, like Jada Pinkett-Smith, you should look into wearing light, solid colours.

Petites + High Waisted Skirts = Heaven

This combination is a perfect way for shorter women to elevate their waistline, while also improving the proportions of their bodies. Another good tip is that your legs will look longer if you tuck in your top. High waisted skirts also give you the gift of looking like you have a flat stomach. However, due to the fact that the high waisted skirts have more material, be careful with the colours you choose.

Pick a Pattern that’s Proportionate to Your Size

There are several maxi dresses that have all sorts of prints. Make sure that you’re picking the one that suits you best. If you’re small and short, dresses with smaller prints are usually the best options to go with. Medium-sized prints work best for women that are medium-sized themselves. And as you’d expect, bigger patterning is the best way to go for plus size, Petites.

A-Line Dresses Work for Everybody

For Petites, A-line dresses are a safe haven for you, regardless of your body type. The shape is clean and the subtle flare makes your legs look lean. If you’re a pear-shaped petite and you’re conscious about your thighs, A-line dresses take the focus right off. If you’re more of an inverted triangle, an A-line dress will balance out your shoulders. A-line dresses with ruffles will help any of you ladies that are trying to look curvy.

Vertical Prints/Patterns Make You Look Taller

These kinds of maxi dresses will create the illusion that you have longer legs. The patterns don’t really matter as long as you’re sticking to the section mentioned earlier where we outlined what patterns are best for each body type.

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