A bridal party is a very important part of any wedding and bridesmaids, in particular, will help your special day go by smoothly. They will be by your side the entire day and will be present in most of your pictures. It’s important that their dresses are beautiful so that they complement the bride.

Beautiful dresses are often pricey and it can be overwhelming for bridesmaids to have to spend a fortune on a dress they may only wear once, which is why the following tips are useful to help them save money and enjoy your big day:

  1. Don’t force them to buy a specific dress and listen to their ideas to come up with a style and colour together. Allowing them to pick their own dresses and taking their opinions into consideration will be appreciated because together you can choose dresses that are flattering for every member of your bridal party. Giving your bridesmaids some freedom will allow them to be comfortable in their dresses, as well as comfortable financially because you won’t be forcing them to shop outside of their budget. Tell them which shade of fabric they should focus on and leave the rest up to them.
  2. Look into rental options. There’s no need to empty out your bank account when rental options are a lot more affordable. This is a great idea if you have something very specific in mind and know the dresses can only be worn once because you won’t be asking your bridesmaids to spend a fortune on a dress that will then sit in a closet and collect dust. Giving them the option to rent is a great way of helping your bridesmaids save money.
  3. Browse sales racks. Doing this at the end of a season is particularly smart because you may find the exact dresses you’re after at a very affordable price point that everyone will appreciate. There will be a selection of dresses to choose from and even if it’s not the exact colour you were after, it may be worth considering simply because of the price.
  4. Check out trunk shows. These are not just for wedding gowns and bridesmaids can also find their dresses at discounted prices because trunks shows have special pricing if you purchase something that same day. Trunk shows are exciting because they put entire collections on display, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.
  5. Consider shorter dresses because they normally cost less than floor length gowns. Another benefit to this option is that shorter dresses can often be worn again, whereas gowns may be worn once, so see if your bridesmaids would be happy with shorter length dresses.

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